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The easier way to grow your business

Newsletters Designed to Delight!

Why spend time designing customer newsletters when I can do it for you? Since 2006 I have offered eNewsletter design services to consultants throughout the US and Canada.

For just about over $4 per design, each of my beautiful newsletters includes monthly specials for guests and hosts, as well as an informative, product-driven article, vanity website support, featured toys, and a business opportunity section all intended to call your customers to action!

Each monthly full color HTML design comes complete with your contact information, a headshot, and links to your website built right in. You can easily retrieve your newsletter designs from your Mike's Newsletters account. There are no attachments for your customers to open; the email is the newsletter. You can also edit the designs to suit your needs.

All you have to do is forward the newsletter to your mailing list using your favorite email program. If you want to make it even easier you can use my design service with iContact, a service that sends emails for you, has a 99% delivery rate, and allows you to track which of your customers open and click on your newsletter designs (iContact pricing starts at $9.95/month).

Available through a twelve month design contract for only $50, a six month contract for $30 or monthly for $6. Sign up today and see how I can help make your business grow!

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