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iContact - The easy way to send out your designs

Tired of using 'BCC' to send out ten or twenty emails at a time? Are you getting blacklisted by your customers' ISPs because they think you are spamming, when all you are trying to do is legitimately conduct business? The answer is iContact.

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A growing trend in email is to make it ever more difficult for the small business owner to send out their own bulk messages to customers. Spam makes everyone edgy, and most ISPs are erring on the side of not allowing "questionable" emails to go through.

Starting at as low as $9.95/month, iContact offers a delivery rate of over 98%. iContact will host and manage your mailing list, track readership, click throughs, and bounces. Our "single-click" system lets you upload your newsletters into your iContact account with a single click. Give iContact a try. You'll be glad you did!

  • Send all of your newsletters in under five minutes!
  • Easily upload your addresses. No need to hand type them a second time.
  • Upload newsletters into iContact with a single click.
  • See which customers are opening and clicking on links in your newsletters.
  • Quickly post your newsletter designs to your Facebook and Twitter accounts!

Get an iContact Account - Earn a $5 Amazon Gift Card!

Amazon Gift Cards! As incentive for you to try out the advantages provided by iContact, Toy Time Designs is offering a $5 Amazon Gift Card when you sign up, pay for, and use iContact for three months.


1) You must sign up for your iContact account through a link on this page. iContact makes this is a two-step process; first you'll sign up for a free "trial" account, then you must upgrade to a paid account. Both steps must be done through this link in order for me to get referral credit from iContact, and for me to be able to award you your gift card.

2) You must email to me a copy of the pdf receipt from iContact showing your payment.

3) You must load your mailing list into iContact. We can help! Make sure to add mike@toytimedesigns.com to your mailing list.

4) You must actually use iContact at least once to send out a newsletter.

Contact me with questions

Please let me know if you have any questions about this special, how iContact integrates with my newsletter design services, or anything else that's got you wondering. This is a great opportunity to step up your business marketing. Just ask your director!

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Click Here to Sign Up Now For iContact
When asked, leave company name blank.

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